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Reservations & Consultation

Rental Agreement
Following are terms of agreement;

Cecil art hall is a 100-seat venue with mobile chairs.
1.Cecil art hall is open 365 days 24 hours. Before deciding the performance time, you can check with the art hall staff whether your desired date and time is available.
2.Rehearsal and reception time is included in the reserved time. Therefore, you shall include rehearsal / reception time in the reservation. (Receptions are held at the same place as the performance)
3.If you wish to change any schedule or contents, you shall notify Cecil Art Hall at least two weeks prior to the agreed time
4.If you plan to use the venue for other purposes than classical music performance, you shall mention that to the art hall staff
5.Expenses for options are not inclusive. Customers can use video and audio recording at an affordable price (DVD and CD are provided)
6.Banners cannot be installed on the stage. They can be installed within 2.6m beside the stage.

Reservation is confirmed when 30% of the rental fee is deposited (Please call us after the deposit is made). Deposit is non-refundable.
Hana Bank 107-083595-00104 Cecil Academy Lee, Gwang Sik